This Year Will Never Come Again1977
2. "This Year Will Never Come Again" (7:58) Pre-production Opening Night.

WORDS & MUSIC: Cassavetes & Harwood

This session started off differently. Perhaps, it was the amount of energy John was emitting when he entered the room... but I chose to use a pencil rather than a musical instrument.

A bit later, I picked up a guitar and John continued writing stuff down. Once again, John is improvising from Miss Gordon’s POV, this time focusing on her loneliness and desperation. She was haunted by apparitions of her younger self, a more vital woman and actress. Time’s running out. This year will never come again.

This Year Will Never Come Again
2. "This Year Will Never
Come Again"
Demo approx. 30 secs
Full track 7:58 mins

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All 20 tracks + “History”
(total of 81:24 mins)