It Was Quiet1977
1. "It Was Quiet" (5:10) Pre-production Opening Night.

WORDS & MUSIC: Cassavetes & Harwood

As with all our improv sessions, John would just walk in, “Ya’ busy?” We’d put a fresh reel of 1/4” tape on the machine, then position ourselves in front of a couple of cheap mics and hit ‘record’.

This is one of our earliest sessions, John was in the mindset of the film’s lead character, Myrtle Gordon (played by Gena Rowlands).

Anticipation of opening night. Passion of the theater. Womanhood. Aging. And acting.
It Was Quiet
1. "It Was Quiet"

Demo approx. 30 secs
Full track 5:10 mins

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(total of 81:24 mins)