The Grandeur of the Theater1977
16. "The Grandeur of the Theater" Pianos only (1:53)

MUSIC: Harwood
ARRANGER: arranger B.T.Jones

This is the main theme of Opening Night played on two pianos. Our plan was to record our smaller cues and the lead piano (in which orchestration was to be later added) in a relatively small studio. We’d add our orchestration to certain cues later on a larger, scoring stage. It was cheaper to do it that way.

Even though I had written and initially recorded the temp cues on piano, I naturally assumed Booker should play the lead piano cues on the master track, but he insisted that both of us play the main theme cues (selection 15, 16 & 17) on two grand pianos. Days later on the scoring stage, he wore headphones and conducted the orchestra to these piano tracks. My meter had a tendency to drift a bit, but Booker conducted the orchestra through it. We were all pleased with the results.
The Grandeur of the Theater
16. "The Grandeur of
the Theater"
Demo approx. 30 secs
Full track 1:53 mins

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