The Grandeur of the Theater1977
15. "The Grandeur of the Theater" My mix with dialog (2:31)

MUSIC: Harwood

From Opening Night. I wrote it, Booker T. Jones arranged and conducted the 49-piece orchestra. He and I played two grand pianos. At the head, a solo piano plays under the action back stage action and in the dressing room as Myrtle Gordon (Gena) preps for the next act. When the orchestration kicks in (the main theme), we jump-cut to screaming autograph hounds at the outside stage door after the performance.

This music/dialog mix on this CD is how I had intended it to play. When we were doing the final mix on the dubbing stage, John decided, at the very last moment and to my utter disapproval, to mix the orchestration way under the yelling and dialog as he believed it set up too much of an expectation of what was to come. John and I often disagreed. So what. Anyway, this is my theatrical mix.
The Grandeur of the Theater
15. "The Grandeur of
the Theater"
Demo approx. 30 secs
Full track 2:31 mins

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