Love Streams Operetta1984
11. "Love Streams Operetta" (5:06)

WORDS & MUSIC: Cassavetes & Harwood

Gena dreams of her desire to win back the love of her husband and 12-year old daughter. I didn’t know what an operetta was and I was given two weeks to finish it as it had to be played back during the filming of Gena’s dream sequence in Love Streams.

Amazingly, John and I completed the task in a matter of days and then took it into a studio later that week. I spent several days recording the piano and orchestration tracks (all keyboard programs) onto my TASCAM 8 channel recorder then, bounced it up onto a 24 track machine to record the vocals (Gena, her ex-husband and their daughter).

Gena was nervous about singing her part, but went out on a limb and ended up giving our little operetta the childlike vulnerability it needed.
Love Streams Operetta
11. "Love Streams Operetta"

Demo approx. 30 secs
Full track 5:06 mins

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